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   This 57-mm automatic rapid-fire naval gun is an upgraded version of А-220 naval gun. It has successfully passed extended trials and is recommended for service introduction.
   А-220М is a multipurpose system designed to engage air, surface and coastal targets. It may be installed on surface ships with the displacement of 250 ton and more such as missile boats of 205/ 20970 projects and others.

Main technical data

Rate of fire, rpm


Maximum firing range, km
- vertical
- horizontal

up to 8
up to 12

Elevation, degree

-10 to +85

Training, degree


Number of ready-to-fire rounds


Weight, t


Dimensions, mm
- line-of-fire height above balancing ring
- turning radius at zero elevation
- gun height above deck (above balancing ring plane)
- deck hole diameter for gun installation (barbette inner diameter)
- the height of under deck compartment (for gun installation)


   The gun operates at the ambient temperature from -40° С to +50° С provided the ship's speed is below 45 knots.
   The naval gun consists of:
- an automatic gun unit comprising a barrel and a breech with a wedge breechblock and a cradle. Integrated with the cradle, there are a cross-feed mechanism, a rammer, a trigger, an empty case extractor, recoil and counterrecoil brakes and a barrel-cooling system;
- a carriage with an artillery unit, an ammunition feed mechanism and quick electrohydraulic actuators with gun laying systems and hydraulics;
- a magazine with a double-lead screw for ammunition storage and feed. The magazine is attached to the collector in the bottom part of the carriage;
- a cupola made of aluminium alloy;
- a fire control panel interfacing the artillery mount with any fire control system that provides total laying angles;
- an automatic command and control system.
   А-220М gun fires case ammunitions developed for S-60 with 53-UOR-281U HE projectiles.
   There are 400 rounds in the magazine; the rest munitions can be stored in special racks under the deck. The munitions are fed from the magazine by the feed screw through a transferring mechanism to the collector connected with the vertical elevator. From the elevator receiver the munitions are transferred to the harp transporter of the gun unit. Coming to the last position on the transporter, the ammunition descends to the ramming line. Then the round is rammed and fired.
   The feeding mechanisms of the gun oscillating mass are recoil-operated. The transfer of rounds from the magazine to the oscillating mass receiver is power-driven. Empty cases are ejected into the gun under-turret area. Ammunitions are reloaded to the magazine between firing activities.
   The gun's Automatic Command and Control System provides the means of control required for the gun preparation for combat operation and firing as well as continuous diagnostics of the gun system and status data transferring. It also allows the operators training without activating the main gun mechanisms.
   The power is supplied to the gun from the ship's electric system:
- power equipment – 3-phase, 380 V, 50 Hz;
- switching, alarm and fire circuits – 27 V DC.
   Consumed power = 14 kW. The cooling system uses sea water under pressure 5.5 – 8.0 kgf/cm², the flow-rate = 5.3 ltr/s.

   At Customer request, Burevestnik JSC can manufacture and customize А-220М artillery mount for installation on various ships. We also offer А-220М modification for air defense facilities.


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