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   ATOM heavy wheeled IFV with 57mm automatic gun is jointly developed by UVZ (JSC CRI Burevestnik) and French company Renault Trucks Defence – one of the global leaders in production of a wide range of tactical transportation equipment, wheeled armored vehicles and power plants for armored vehicles.

  ATOM IFV is designed for transportation of motorized rifle units, vehicular firing and fire support of dismounted infantry. The combat module with 57mm automatic gun provides day-and-night stationary and mobile detection and engagement of soft and light armored targets, personnel armed with anti-tank weapons, UAV, precision weapons, planes and helicopters and increases the firing range to 16 kilometers.

- RENAULT high-power engine (output 600 hp.)
- high operational mobility:
  - max speed up to 100 km/h,
  - range, main fuel supply 750 km;
- automatic gearbox;
- transmission with independent suspension;
- amphibious kit.

- ballistic protection up to NATO level 5 (STANAG 4569);
- all-welded hull with modular armour plates;
- tyres with run-flat capability;
- slat armour;
- active protection system;
- laser warning system;
- CBRN protection.

Main technical data


Dimensions (length / high/ width)

8,2 / 3 / 2,5 m


11 (3+8)

Combat weight

up to 32 t (depending on required protection
level and armour plating)


1 rear ramp,
4 roof hatches


Effective firing range

6 km

Rate of fire

120-140 rds/min

Laying angles
- Elevation
- Traverse

-8° ...+70°

Time required for change of ammunition type

1-3 sec

Ammunition, main total

180-200 rounds

Ready-to-fire rounds

80-100 rounds

Sufficient payload (7 t) and internal volume (10,7 m³ ) for any mission or weapon system without compromising mobility and protection.


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