Check & Test Vehicle 1I37E-2 provides:
- maintenance and servicing of BMP-3 tank weapon system;
- cleaning of the barrel-bore of 2А70 cannon-launcher and 2А72 automatic gun from residue, grease, rust and contamination;
- maintenance of BMP-3 fire control system;
- diagnostics of ЗУБК10М-3 unit;
- information support for personnel that conducts BMP-3 maintenance and servicing.

Main technical data


Base chassis

Cross-country vehicle of Ural-43203 type

Set-up/ tear-down time, max

60 min/ 30 min

CTV run time

8 hr



Power supply

External or self-contained power supply

Operation mode

8-hour run / 1-hour intermittence

Operating conditions (Barrel-Bore Cleaning Machine):
- ambient temperature
- relative humidity
- atmospheric pressure

-20 to +50°С
up to 98 % at +25 °С
450 – 780 mm Hg

External power supply voltage

~380 V

Power consumption of CTV equipment

8 kW maximum

Dimensions in travelling position (L x W x H)

9830 mm х 2580 mm х 3390 mm


Max 15000 kg

Special Software

Installed on a notebook

Barrel-Bore Cleaning Mechanism

Mechanized barrel bore cleaning of 100mm guns both in workshop and field conditions


Barrel-Bore Cleaning Mechanism

Protected Notebook with Special Software

Standard Check & Test Equipment

Power Supply, Protection and Life-Support Systems


Electronic Observation System

Equipment for Checking Laser Rangefinder and Sight Channels

Instrument for Checking TV and Sight Channel

Equipment for Checking the Laser Rangefinder Channel

Check and Test Vehicle represents a van-body mounted on a six-wheeled high-mobility chassis.
Located within the CTV van-body, there is special check and test equipment, a barrel-bore cleaning mechanism and the equipment for BMP artillery armament maintenance and routine repair. At customer request CTV equipment can be located within a container body.

The Barrel-Bore Cleaning Mechanism is used to clean the barrel bore from powder fouling, copper fouling and preservation grease.
- barrel caliber = 100 mm
- barrel cleaning length = up to 5200 mm
- power drive capacity = 0.75 kW.

Special software installed on a protected notebook provides:
- managing BMP diagnostics, maintenance and routine repair acc. to operation manual guidelines;
- search by various criteria and displaying the information concerning BMP and CTV operation and maintenance, click-through with previous page return capability;
- saving in a database the individual data concerning the serviced equipment operation and the results of check-up, maintenance and repair;
- CTV crew registration and assigning the access rights;
- data back-up and recovery after failures.
Software provides balloon tips and help that facilitate CTV crew work reducing the personnel qualification requirements and probability of errors at all the operations performed.

A special set of check and test instruments, tools and equipment of 1I37E-2 provides all the necessary functionality to perform BMP armament maintenance and routine repair.

1I37E-2 CTV Special Check & Test equipment provides the capabilities to checkup BMP artillery weapon systems and cupola equipment.

Check & Test Vehicle is self-sustained. The power can be supplied both from external network and autonomous power source that is a CTV standard equipment.
1I37E-2 CTV is equipped with communication, power supply and life-support systems which provide safe and comfortable work conditions for the CTV crew even in difficult environment. The system comprises power unit, conditioner, electrical safety means etc.


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