Academic Sub-Department at JSC Central Research Institute BUREVESTNIK

We are sure that highly qualified engineering personnel are essential to the development of competitive defence technologies. Nowadays, lack of qualified specialists is an acute problem, and to solve it JSC BUREVESTNIK established the company-based Artillery Weapons academic subdivision in cooperation with Nizhny Novgorod Technical University. Graduates of this University Subdivision possess the required amount of specific knowledge and skills and the best ones join the company staff.

Nowadays, Artillery Weapons Academic Subdivision includes lecture rooms, a term & graduation project auditorium, a staffroom and auxiliary rooms. All rooms are provided with magnetboards, modern displays and projectors to demonstrate lecture material. Thus, the students are provided with convenient learning conditions & all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate the process of learning.

The Artillery Weapons Academic Subdivision trains specialists in the Artillery & Rocket Weapon professional field. The curriculum complies with the State Higher Vocational Education Standard. Every year the academic subdivision accepts 6 – 8 applicants.
The faculty consists of our best-qualified specialists possessing Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Sciences degrees. The special subjects are taught with the use of the latest information technologies.

The Artillery Weapons academic subdivision is the main source of the company engineering and research staff replacement. Over the last 10 years our academic subdivision trained more than 170 specialists and every year 50 – 80% of the graduates are employed at JSC BUREVESTNIK.

The Artillery Weapons subdivision gives its students the possibility to learn about their future profession in advance, e.g. its advantages and disadvantages, what sort of activities it actually implies, the real working conditions and career opportunities.

Should the students desire, they can start working part-time at the chosen company department. Taking part in the actual company work, the students write their term papers and conduct researches related to the projects carried out by their department. It helps them greatly to adapt to the company profile and reduces the time a novice specialist needs to integrate into productive work process. Besides, the students participate in scientific and technical conferences and seminars to become aware with the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of artillery weapon and military equipment.

Due to the extension of foreign economic relations the objectives of our company have expanded greatly. Therefore, apart from Artillery Weapons specialization, a new Weapon Systems Management branch was established at our academic subdepartment. It provides students with the knowledge of international law and global marketing which is essential for Russian weapon systems promotion in the global market.


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