1I41E Check and Test Vehicle (CTV) is designed for maintenance, technical and ballistic preparation of the following systems:
- SPH armament including 2S1, 2S3M, 2S3M1, 2S3M2, 2S5, 2S9, 2S19, 2S19M1, 2S19M2 и 2S34-1;
- artillery systems of towed guns including 2A36, 2A65, 2B16, D-20 и D-30;
- automatic fire control system (AFCS) of Mashina-M type.
CTV provides the capabilities for diagnostics and maintenance of artillery weapons, ammunition feed and load mechanisms, laying control systems, guided weapon components, sights and telescoping devices, observation devices, survey and navigation systems, reconnaissance, target destination and communication systems.
Technical preparation procedure performed by CTV includes:
- gun zeroing using firing method;
- adjustment of sights, observation and reconnaissance devices.
Ballistic preparation procedure performed by CTV includes the following measurements:
- gun chamber lengthening;
- projectile muzzle velocity.

Main technical data

Base chassis




Power supply

external network or autonomous power supply

Operation mode

8-hour operation / 1-hour interval

External network voltage

~380 V (50 Hz)

Autonomous power supply capacity

16 kW (minimum)

Operational temperature range, degree

- 50 to +50

Set-up / tear-down time

60 / 30 min (max)

Dimensions (L x W x H), m

9000 х 2550 х 3388


15000 kg (max)

Information, Measurement and Control System

PC with special software

Barrel-Bore Cleaning Mechanism

mechanized cleaning of 120 mm / 122 mm / 152 mm gun barrels both in the field and workshop conditions

Service life

15 years (min)

CTV is designed to operate at the temperature range within - 50° C to 50° C and relative humidity of 98% at +25° C and 3000 m altitude above sea level. CTV configuration may be changed at Customer request.
Check and Test Vehicle is based on a KamAZ-5350 six-wheeled high-mobility chassis. The check and test equipment, barrel bore cleaning mechanism and auxiliary equipment are situated inside the vehicle van-body. At Customer request, another basic chassis can be used.
BIMCS is the CTV main and most sophisticated component. It manages all the CTV operations, controls adherence to the operation procedures and assures high quality servicing of artillery systems.

1I41E CTV barrel bore cleaning mechanism is designed for cleaning SH and towed gun barrels from powder fouling, copper fouling, dirt and old grease. The mechanism is situated in the front part of CTV van-body.

The CTV-borne check-up equipment, instrumentation and tools provide the capabilities to perform maintenance and technical diagnostics of artillery weaponry.
The communication means arrange a radio link between CTV crew members as well as communication with distant objects during the system maintenance.

1I41E CTV may operate from either an external network or a self-contained power supply. The supply voltage is 380 V. There is a special 24 kW power source used to convert 380 V AC to 27 V DC.
The vehicle is equipped with safety and life support subsystems ensuring the crew safety and comfortable work in difficult environmental conditions. Thus, the CTV is supplied with power supply units, electrical safety means, a heater, an air conditioner, a filter and ventilation unit, a dose meter and decontaminating equipment used to clean the CTV and its components after crossing a contaminated area.


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