It is designed to carry out maintenance and routine repair of the following equipment:
- 57mm combat vehicle
- resupply vehicle
- maintenance and repair vehicle
It is also used for technical and ballistic preparation of the combat vehicle and transportation of vehicle-portable group SPTA kits for the equipment to be serviced.

Functions of the 2V119 Maintenance and Repair Vehicle:
- parameter check-out and servicing of the Combat Vehicle components during planned maintenance activities
- alignment of artillery unit parameters with the parameters of the control system.

The 2V119 MRV contains integrated power-supply, communication and life-support systems which ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for the crew in difficult operating environment.

Main technical data

Base vehicle*

или КАМАZ-5350*

Crane-manipulator type:
- max carrying capacity (net weight), t

IM 100V-326P

MRV mains power, kW

not more than 15

Time out of action, min

not more than 30



Continuous operation period, h

8-hour periods with 1-hour intervals

*On the Customer's request, the MRV may be based on another chassis provided its dimensions and load-carrying capacity is similar to those of Ural-4320-31 or KAMAZ-5350.

- van body К5350.1-11 on a cross-country vehicle like Ural-4320-31 or KAMAZ-5350
- On-board Information Measuring and Control System (OIMCS)
- special checkout equipment
- pneumatic barrel-bore cleaning machine
- loader crane
- high-pressure compressor
- set of tools and accessories for maintenance and repair
- set of training ammunitions
- night vision goggles 1PN105
- standard measuring equipment
- electrical equipment
- special power supply
- communication means
- life-support equipment
- vehicle-portable group SPTA kit for the equipment to be serviced (as needed)
- on-board SPTA.


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