In the daily routine a wide range of logistic tasks are to be tackled far away from warehouses with their modern high-performance lifting and transporting equipment. In this case the problem of manpower and time shortage may be solved only by introducing high-capacity mobile handling equipment.
2I55 Mobile Loader developed by Burevestnik, JSC provides considerable capabilities in this field. In 2009, the Mobile loader was included in the Armed Forces inventory. 2I55 Mobile Loader with a capacity of 30 tons per hour is used for handling labeled cargos in boxes (stacked or palletized) and special containers.

Main technical data

Load capacity, tons of ammunitions per hour

30 (min)

Max weight of a processed unit of cargo, kg:
- cargo in boxes
- cargo in packages / pallets
- cargo in containers


Height of cargo lifting (in relation to ground level), m:
- crane manipulator
- collecting conveyor
- MKSM loader

-4 to 10
1 to 3
1.6 (min)

Length of collecting conveyor transporter section, m:
- minimum / maximum

2.2 / 3.9

2I55 Mobile Loader is a crane manipulator integrated with a high mobility vehicle. The crane has a load moment of 12 tm (loading capacity = 2.5 t, lift height = 10 m).The Mobile Loader is also equipped with removable cargo handling and auxiliary equipment that is situated on the vehicle platform in a travelling position.
In standard configuration the system is based on KAMAZ or Ural chassis. But at customer request, another vehicle of similar size and load capacity can be used. 2I55 Mobile Loader can also be supplied with a 1Т829 variable geometry conveyor that is transported on a trailer.

2I55 in travelling position

Automobile crane manipulator

Collecting conveyor

Conveyor of variable geometry (optional)

  The two types of conveyors (1Т830 collecting conveyor and 1Т829 variable geometry conveyor) can be used both in warehouses and in field conditions. The handled cargo (up to 100 kg) may be either standalone or stockpiled on the ground. These conveyors provide the user with a capability to take packaged cargo from a storage area, transfer it at heights from -0.6 m to 3.0 - 4.5 m and stow the packages on a vehicle/railway platform/ aircraft/ ship etc.
The load carrying belt is formed by four rows of pull chains. Due to extendable sections the belt length and slope can be changed. The conveyors are self-contained and include a power-operated carrier and illumination system. The power may be supplied to the conveyors either by a small integrated diesel engine or from industrial mains.

A set of small labour saving appliances comprises: a knock-down loading ramp that is connected to the railway car doorway (if handling is performed in an unequipped route section) to form an unloading platform a load trolley and two hand trucks.

Loading ramp

Set of labour saving appliances and load handling accessories

The Mobile Loader may be equipped with a modified MKSM-1000NB multipurpose loader. MKSM-1000NB is a wheeled diesel forklift with a load capacity of 1000 kgf used to handle cargo in boxes/packages. The standard delivery package comprises quick-detachable tracks enabling MKSM to operate in the field conditions even on low-load-bearing capacity soil.

Multipurpose loader

Multipurpose loader layout

The Mobile Loader may be produced in various configurations dependent on its application. It is generally designed for use on logistics bases and in ammunition stores, but can also be used to handle any types of loads. Presently, it is a unique vehicle having no counterparts in Russia in terms of functionality, efficiency and ease of operation.
The advanced service test program performed at the arsenals of Main Missile and Artillery Directorate proved high performance of the Mobile Loader in terms of reliability, safety, maintainability, ergonomics, and the capability of tailoring configuration according to the customer requirements.


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