82mm 2K32 mortar system was developed to increase combat effectiveness and mobility of Army units. It is specifically suitable for artillery units being a part of mountain brigades.
The mortar enables to defeat (suppress) by high angle fire the enemy's personnel and firing assets as well as unarmored equipment, located in the open and in uncovered field entrenchments, e.g. on the back sides of hills, in canyons, ravines, forests and in close vicinity to the forward edge of the battle area.
2K32 mortar system is also used for:
- damaging tranches, ditches, communication trenches and light log-and-earth shelters;
- breaching wire obstacles;
- fire support;
- adjustment of fire and target designation with the use of smoke and illuminating mortar bombs;
- screening the enemy firing positions, observation and command posts with smoke, laying a smoke screen for infantry units attacking the enemy's defense lines;
- illumination of the battlefield forward edge and the enemy firing positions, observation and command posts.

2K32 mortar can fire the following bombs:
- HE bombs: 3-O-26, O-832 DU, 3-O-12 и O-832 D;
- D-832 DU (D-832 A) smoke bomb;
- С-832 С illumination steel parachute bomb and А-832 А leaflet bomb.

Main technical data



Maximum firing range, m
- 3VO36 round with 3-O-26 fragmentation bomb
- 3VO1 round with O-832 DU fragmentation bomb
- 3VO18 round with 3-O-12 fragmentation bomb
- 3VO12 round with 3-O-12 fragmentation bomb

6000 (min)
3922 (min)
3922 (min)
3107 (min)

Minimum firing range, m

100 (min)

Maximum muzzle velocity, m/s


Elevation (firing from chassis and from the ground), degree


Traverse, degree:
 - on bipod
 - by moving bipod


Max rate of fire w/o relaying, rpm


Time to transfer the mortar from travelling to combat position and vice versa, min


Number of on-board ammunitions (3VO36 rounds + others)


Max speed, km/h


Average speed on country roads, km/h



6 (5)

System weight (w/o crew and ammunitions), kg


Dimensions (Height/ Length/ Width), mm


82mm 2K32 mortar system can fire both from the chassis and from the ground; in the latter case a base plate is used. The mortar system can cross water obstacles up to 300 m in width (water flow velocity = 0.5 - 0.6 m/s, wave height = 0.15 m) with the maximum speed of 6 km/h.
2K32 mortar system comprises the following main components:
- 82mm 2B24 mortar + single SPTA kit;
- chassis with 2F510-2 installation kit (MT-LB/ MT-LB M1 based) + single SPTA kit to the chassis.
82mm mortar is a smooth-bore, muzzle loaded mortar w/o shock absorbers that consists of the following main components: a barrel, a bipod, a base plate, a safety mechanism and a sight.
In the barrel breech, there is a fire-and-safety mechanism that initiates the primer when the bomb is dropped down in the barrel and ensures its safe withdrawal in case of misfire. In the muzzle part of the barrel there is a double load prevention mechanism that eliminates the capability to drop the second bomb into the barrel, if the previous one is yet inside.
The bipod provides support for the barrel when the mortar is in combat position and serves for setting the required elevation and traverse angles. The sight ensures accurate mortar aiming when firing against LOS and NLOS targets.
When firing from the ground, the base plate transfers the recoil force to the ground and provides the mortar stability. In traveling position the base plate is fixed on the right-hand side of the sloping plate at the top of the carrier.
The chassis with an installation kit (МТ-LBM1/ МТ-LB based) enables to transport the mortar, ammunitions, single SPTA kit and the crew and provides the capability to fire both from chassis and from the ground. Integration of the mortar with an armored chassis significantly increases the crew and ammunitions protection level, and makes it possible to accomplish combat tasks by fewer crew members.
TKB-01-1 turreted mount allows installation of optional armament, e.g. a 7.62mm PKT machinegun with 1500 ammunition magazine. And at Customer request, 2К32 mortar system may be supplied with a machinegun.
At Customer request, a TKB-01-1 turreted mount may be replace with a 12.7mm Kord machinegun. Other configuration variants are also possible.
Together with the 82mm 2K32 mortar system, 2B24 mortar SPTA kits (single and group) may be supplied.


82mm 2B24 mortar

Having high performance characteristics of maneuverability, rate of fire, range and accuracy, as well as high bomb fire power, the 82mm 2K32 mortar system provides the troops with the capability to effectively and timely perform various combat missions emerging in modern warfare environments.


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