It is designed for transportation of 57mm ammunitions and resupply of 57mm ammunition magazines.

9T260 RV provides:
stowing and transportation of the following:
- 57mm ammunitions
- aerosol rounds
- 7.62mm rounds
- 100 liters of liquid to service the Combat Vehicle barrel
• capability to simultaneously resupply two Combat Vehicles
• interoperability with Combat Vehicles, maintenance and repair vehicles and a battery command post
• minimum crew size due to automatic loading/unloading
• protection of the crew, equipment and ammunitions situated in the van body against small arms of AK74/AKM-type and NBC protection
• transportability by road, rail, water and air.

Main technical data

Base vehicle*


Armor-protected components::
 - vehicle cabin
 - fuel tanks (protection)
 - van body

armor protection level – Br 4

On-board armament and ammunitions:
 - 57mm rounds
 - 7.62mm rounds, pcs. (boxes)
 - aerosol rounds, pcs. (boxes)
 - 5.45mm AKS-74 assault rifle with ammunitions, pcs.

2000 (10)
24 (2)

Deployment time (by trained crew), min

not more than 5

Time to load RV stowage racks with ammunitions (by trained crew), min

not more than 120

Time to resupply CV magazines w/o ammo type selection (by trained crew), min

not more than 20



Weight, kg:
 - curb weight
 - permissible fully loaded weight


Railroad loading gauge


Cruising fuel range, km


* On the Customer's request, the RV may be based on another chassis provided it has suitable dimensions and load-carrying capacity.

- vehicle;
- on-board equipment, including means of communication and navigation;
- survivability means, including a fire-fighting system, an automobile filter-ventilation unit and an on-board decontaminating system;
- supportive tools, including on-board SPTA set.


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