The Barrel-Bore Cleaning Machine is designed for cleaning 30 - 155mm gun barrels in stationary parks and in the field. It is used to remove gunpowder fouling and corrosion-preventing grease, lubricate the clean barrel bore, and remove copper residues from the gun barrel-bore and the chamber.
The Barrel cleaning mechanism (BCM) is driven by a vibration pneumatic actuator that makes the brush move inside the barrel. The pneumatic actuator operates on compressed air supplied from a mobile compressor, a standard compressor of transport or combat vehicles, or the enterprise airline.
The BCM can be used, with equal convenience, from the muzzle and the breech end of the barrel even in confined spaces.
The BCM allows barrel cleaning to be performed by one person. The machine makes it possible to clean the barrels of all combat vehicles in a military unit within a short period of time.

The Barrel-Bore Cleaning Machine is supplied in a mobile container. It can be completed with a chamber brush.

Main technical data

Max time of BCM transition from traveling to operational position, min


BCM continuous operation time, h


Cleaning time per barrel, min

15 to 35

Required volumetric capacity of compressed air source (output), l/min


Operating pressure of pneumatic drive, MPa (kg/cm²)

0.4-0.6 (4-6)

Max compressed air pressure, MPa (kg/cm²)

1.0 (10)

Dimensions in package (max), mm
length × width × height


700 / 600 / 400

Weight of the equipment set (max), kg


Operating temperature of pneumatic drive, °С

-40 to 40


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