Youth Policy of JSC Central Research Institute BUREVESTNIK

Our company pursues a systematic youth policy facilitating the adaptation of young specialists to the company team and encouraging their professional and career development.
A tutor (one of the company’s highly qualified specialists) is allocated to each young specialist for the first two years of his work at the company. During this period a novice works according to his individual month plan developed by his tutor and the head of the department he works in. The young specialist’s individual work plan implies the study of:
- the company’s achievements in scientific, research and development projects within the young specialist’s area of specialization;
- State and industry standards, methodological instructions and other applicable norms and regulations.
The personal plan includes an individual task with fixed deadlines and is approved by the Senior Deputy Director General.
When the two-year period is over the young specialist executes his monthly tasks independently.
To encourage the development of the company’s research staff, BUREVESTNIK may compensate the young specialists’ expenses connected with higher and postgraduate education. The decision concerning the compensation is taken at the top management discretion provided it is recommended by the head of the department. The compensation is paid out of the company’s own funds.
There is a Council of Young Specialists acting at the company that is organized to unite the young personnel to improve their creative and professional activities since it’s a very important aspect for the company’s long-term development.
Our young specialists participate in industry scientific and technical conferences and forums. More than 20 works made by our young specialists were published in scientific journals and papers in 2016.

To encourage the young specialists’ professional development, the Council of Young Specialists organizes their visits to Russian military exhibitions such as IDELF, MAKS, Russian Expo Arms etc. where they can get acquainted with the advanced experience and know-how of Russian and foreign companies.

Visit to International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY-2017»

Participation in the IV International Youth Industrial Forum – «Future Engineers 2018»

Our young specialists take an active participation in the company’s cultural and sport events. For this purpose BUREVESTNIK organizes concerts, theatre-goings, winter and summer Health Days, sport competitions.

Winter Health Day

Skydiving with Burevestnik flag


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