One of the areas of the "Burevestnik Central Research Institute (CNII)" Joint Stock Company business comprises production-oriented services ranging from design to turn-key projects for companies in various industries including mechanical engineering, iron and steel, wood-processing, construction etc.

Specialists of the Institute have appropriate knowledge and experience in technology that allow them to successfully work in design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, personnel training and provide warranty maintenance of sophisticated automated complexes and components thereof (including assembly and diagnostic facilities, transport systems, logistics complex facilities, process automated control systems etc.).

Services rendered:

• review of projects and commercial proposals writing;
• audit and feasibility studies writing;
• writing of feasibility studies;
• design documentation drawing up;
• design of process equipment and lines of various automation and mechanization levels;
• engineering of automated control systems for processes and equipment maintenance and repair;
• software engineering;
• manufacture of non-standard equipment;
• equipment deliveries;
• installation;
• electrical mounting and wiring work:
     - board mounting and wiring (electrical distribution boxes, control boards and panels);
     - outdoor electrical mounting and wiring (power and control cable routing, connection to distribution facilities, review of mounting and wiring compliance with requirements);
• commissioning;
• acceptance tests;
• training of customer's personnel to operate the mounted equipment;
• trial operation, warranty and after-warranty maintenance.

Our people shall at any time assist in choosing appropriate equipment and competently consult customers.


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