82mm SANI 2B24 carrier mortar is designed mainly to engage (suppress), by high-angle fire, the enemy's personnel and firing assets located:
- in the open as well as in field entrenchments;
- on the back sides of hills and in canyons;
- near the forward edge of the battle area.
The mortar can be used to fulfill the following tactical tasks:
- damaging tranches, ditches, communication trenches and light log-and-earth shelters;
- breaching wire obstacles;
- infantry fire support;
- adjustment of fire and target designation with the use of smoke and illuminating mortar bombs;
- screening the enemy firing positions and observation and command posts with smoke, laying a smoke screen in support for the infantry attacking the enemy's defense lines;
- illumination of the battlefield forward edge and the enemy firing positions, observation and command posts.
82mm mortar fires the following fragmentation bombs: 3-O-26, O-832 D, O-832 DU и 3-O-12. Other types of mortar bombs can also be used to perform certain tactical and fire tasks: smoke (D-832DU and D-832 A), illuminating (S-832 S) and leaflet (A-832 A) bombs.
At customer request, the mortar can be installed on various wheeled and tracked chassis to improve mobility of the weapon system and increase the crew protection level.

Main technical data

Maximum firing range with 3-O-26 bomb, m

6000 (min)

Minimum firing range, m

100 (min)

Maximum muzzle velocity, m/s


Elevation, degree


Traverse, degree:
 - on bipod
 - by moving bipod


Max rate of fire w/o relaying, rpm

20 (min)

Time to transfer the mortar from travelling to combat position and vice versa, sec

30 (max)



Mortar combat weight (with sight and double-load prevention mechanism), kg


The mortar is transported in a standard package by any mode of transport. It can also be disassembled into pieces and transported by the crew in special packs.
82mm 2B24 mortar has high rate of fire, a greater range as compared to 2B14-1, low weight and can be quickly disassembled into main component parts. These advantages ensure high maneuverability and provide the troops with the capability to effectively and timely perform various combat missions emerging in modern warfare environments.


on ATV chassis

on tracked chassis


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