This is a tracked Combat Vehicle; and with a weight of 21.5 t, it is not only amphibious, but can fire while afloat.
The 2S38 Vehicle has a turret with a 57mm high-ballistic gun of improved firing accuracy and an automatic fire control system.
The 2S38 Combat Vehicle is designed to destroy air targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles (remote-piloted air vehicles), cruise missiles, precision weapons, tactical aircrafts, fire support helicopters, ground and surface lightly armored targets. The CV can fire both from a halt and on the move.
The 2S38 is an all-weather day/night vehicle which can operate in any geophysical environment, and under optical and electronic jamming/interference conditions. The vehicle is fitted with hardened passive target surveillance and tracking equipment.

Main technical data

Main armament

57mm 2A90 automatic gun

Effective firing range, m
- height
- slant range

up to 4500
up to 6000

Firing range (max), m

up to 9500

Elevation, deg


Traverse, deg


Rate of fire, rpm




Ammunition capacity, rds


Secondary Armament

7.62mm 6P7K machine-gun*


remote, coaxial

Ammunition capacity, rds


Target acquisition and tracking system




* another weapon system can be integrated at Customer's request
** a precise value can be provided at Customer's request


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