This weapon system is designed for wheeled and tracked Armored Combat Vehicles, vessels and ships, stationary sites, and intended to solve the following tasks:
- engagement of enemy personnel (wearing individual body armor) and firing assets, unarmored/lightly armored equipment, waterborne platforms including fast-moving ones;
- reconnaissance and target recognition, surveillance over the target environment.


Equipped with modern weapon and fire control systems, the 30mm BM30-V Turret provides high combat effectiveness in modern warfare environment.

Main technical data


30mm 2A42 automatic gun
7.62mm 6P7K machine-gun
6G42 grenade launcher


TV and TI sight with laser rangefinder

Television channel:
- range of on-screen detection and recognition, m

3500 minimum

Thermal-imaging channel:
- spectrum range, µm
- range of on-screen detection and recognition, m

8 to 14
2000 minimum

Elevation / Traverse, deg.

- Elevation:
30mm gun with 7.62mm coaxial machine-gun
30mm grenade launcher

- Traverse

-10 ...+60
0 ...+60

Ammunitions, rds

- automatic gun

- machine-gun

- grenade launcher


300 minimum

2000 minimum


Total weight (without ammunitions), kg

max 1620

Height (above the mounting seat), mm


Length (with armament), mm


Width (with armament), mm



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