is designed for:
- engagement of enemy personnel (wearing individual body armor), firing assets and unarmored/ lightly armored equipment;
- reconnaissance and target recognition, surveillance over the environment.


When integrated on armored combat vehicles, the Turret acts as the main armament system.

Benefits of the Turret integrated on a combat vehicle:
increase in combat effectiveness due to:
- use of the weapon system with a modern Fire Control System;
- firing ammunitions with controlled remote detonation (option).
better ergonomics due to:
- remote control of the weapon system;
- more useful space as compared to manned counterparts;
- elimination of fumes contamination in the crew compartment.
better crew protection due to:
- the crew seats are inside the armored hull (outside the combat module);
- ammunitions are outside the crew compartment.
higher operating characteristics due to:
- splitting of the Unmanned Turret into functionally complete units;
- good serviceability due to easy access to all assemblies and modules;
- remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Main technical data


30mm 2A42 automatic gun
7,62mm 6P7K machine-gun


TV and TI sight with laser rangefinder

Range of engagement, km:
- automatic gun
- machine-gun

up to 4
up to 1,5

Angles, deg.:
- elevation
- traverse

-10 ...+60

Ammunitions, rds
- automatic gun
- machine-gun


200 (HE), 100 (AP-T)


Weight (with ammunitions), t

no more than 1,5

Mounting bore diameter, mm



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