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   Burevestnik manufactures two variants of 100-mm А190 Lightweight Multipurpose Naval gun: А190E and А190-01.

   100-mm А190 Lightweight Multipurpose Naval Gun is a single-barrel turreted automatic gun that may be installed on ships with the displacement of 500 t and more. Upon the operator's command the fire control module automatically turns the artillery system to standby or combat-ready position, ensures ammunition selection and feeding, gun laying and firing. As a result, the artillery system has minimum response time and high rate of fire.



   The Automatic Command and Control System significantly facilitates the system preparation for combat operation and firing, providing the capabilities for continuous diagnostics and transfer of the mechanisms status data. It also enables the operators to practice and improve their skills without activating the main gun mechanisms.

Main technical data

Rate of fire, rpm

up to 80

Maximum firing range, km

over 20

Elevation, degree

-15 to +85

Training, degree


Projectile weight, kg


Number of ready-to-fire rounds


Weight, t


   А190 Naval Gun can fire HE (impact fuze) and AA (time fuze) case ammunitions.
   The main advantages of А190 system:
- automatic firing mode with main and back-up control means and the capability to operate in EW battlefield environment;
- minimal dead zones when engaging various target types;
- fast reaction (2…5 sec) to counter air threats. Quick shift of fire when engaging multiple targets.
   А190E base variant upgrade comprised the integration of a muzzle velocity radar, instrumentation for checking the alignment between the barrel bore and antenna post axes, the shell feed conveyor reverse feature and stealth cupola. The upgraded version designated as А190-01 provides significant increase in combat effectiveness. High survivability, reliability and combat effectiveness make it possible to operate the gun in various environments day and night all year around. Our engineers managed to minimize the gun mount mass and dimensional parameters and its radar signature. Among other high priority features of А190-01 gun are its large upgrade capabilities, long operational life, security and simplicity of operation. А190-01 on-ship operation lifetime is comparable to the ships' interrepair time.
   The gun is also attractive in terms of economic effectiveness due to the low mass production cost per unit, low operation cost and the capability to extend the gun mount in-service time.

   Presently, А190 is installed on a number of Russian Navy ships (such projects as 11356, 20380, 20385, 21630, 22356, 22500 etc.) and on several Indian Navy ships.


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