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Intended use:

artillery system for surface naval ships with the displacement of 500 ton and more designed to engage air, sea and shore-based targets.

А190-01 Naval Gun can fire HE (impact fuze) and AA (time fuze) case ammunitions.


- high firing range, high rate of fire and minimum dead areas when firing at different types of targets;
- reaction time of 2 to 5 seconds when repelling air assault threats; and quick shift of fire when engaging multiple targets;
- automatic operation in the main or back-up control modes even if the enemy uses any types of jamming countermeasures;
- high survivability, reliability and combat effectiveness which makes it possible to use the gun in the day and night time, under various climatic conditions;
- minimized weight, dimensions and radar signature.

Main technical data

Rate of fire, rpm

up to 80

Maximum firing range, km

over 20

Elevation, degree

-15 to +85

Training, degree


Projectile weight, kg


Number of ready-to-fire rounds


Weight, t


   Presently, А190-01 is installed on a number of Russian Navy ships (such projects as 11356, 20380, 20385, 20386, 21630, 21631 etc.).


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