It is designed for supplying combat vehicles with 120mm to 155mm artillery rounds.

The 2F66-1 RV ensures: delivery of ammunitions and automated resupply of combat vehicles stowage racks; increase of endurance; ammunitions protection from enemy engagement systems; power supply to external consumers.

Main technical data

Base vehicle


On-board ammunition stowage:
 - artillery rounds (in mechanized ammunition racks)
 - 7.62mm ammunitions (150 in each ammo box)
   or 12.7mm ammunitions (50 in each ammo box), number of boxes

up to 92

Time into action, min

no more than 1,5

Time to load the combat vehicle from the resupply vehicle

no more than 20

Protected parts of the resupply vehicle:
driver's cab, fuel tanks, batteries, power-train bottom, van-body



- vehicle;
- power unit;
- special equipment for ammunitions arrangement, transportation, loading/unloading;
- electrical equipment, including a set of on-board equipment and a fire suppression system;
- crew life-support system;
- means of signature reduction;
- single SPTA set.


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